About Us

SPF History

SPF was started to help moms get back in shape and feel incredible post baby. If you look around at your local gyms, most will not allow babies in childcare until they have reached 6 months of age. Whats a mom to do during this time? Women are always looking for a challenging fun way to get back in shape. Strolling around town, walking on your treadmill, watching videos all can work but can definitely get boring quickly!

SPF is an effective workout to wake up your post baby body, think…great legs, defined arms, strong core all while having fun with other moms. Childcare you ask? Bring your little babe along for the ride. No need to dish out extra money to pay for a babysitter. Theres nothing better than fresh air and outside stimulation for your little one.

About Me

My name Sherri Satz. I’m the founder of Stroller Power Fitness. I am a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Triathlete and a MOM. I developed SPF to balance the fitness needs of new moms and their desire to spend time with their babies. I am dedicated and passionate to motivate people to feel the best they can about themselves.

Come join me with your baby and lets get FIT together.

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